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Born in England, 1979. 


Studied Illustration at Southampton Institute.

I have been with my partner since 2005. We have 3 boys and live in Hampshire, England.

Pencil art is my main hobby outside of work in IT and my way of unwinding. I am left handed and draw mainly with HB-9B pencils as well as graphite, usually on A3 bristol board.

My main focus when drawing is portraiture art. I enjoy the challenge in trying to capture the unique qualities in a person but also the humour in caricature. I have created this website to showcase my hobby and I hope you enjoy looking through my artwork.

I am always practising and trying to improve. You can find progress on current work on my Instagram account @awd_art. Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook @awdartwork.

Thank you for visiting my page.



Andy Dawkins

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